Wheatstone Bridge

This is a virtual lab simulates Wheatstone Bridge. The simulator works correctly only on desktop computers as it requires Mouse Left/Right click and Mouse Wheel. Click the picture below to run simulator. 


AC Generator

A 3D AC generator simulator. Click the picture below and run the simulator. You can change rotation speed of the loop and analyse relationship between magnetic flux and EMF induced in the loop.  Please do not forget to drag the Slider Button to start simulation.

Magnetic flux through the loop is directly proportional to the area of the loop and magnetic field between two magnets:

$$\Phi = \vec B \cdot \vec{S} = BS \cos \alpha$$

Here $\alpha$ is angle between magnetic field and normal vector of the loop. 

$$\alpha = \omega t$$

Here $\omega$ is angular speed, $t$ is time. 

According to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, electro motive force (EMF) is:

$$\mathscr{E} = -\frac{d\Phi}{dt}$$

BT Grader

BT Grader is a powerful and free bubble sheet grading software.  Click here to download.

BT Grader is a free bubble sheet grading software (bubble sheet scanner) with free bubble sheet generator.  There are many bubble sheet grading software and special hardware designed for grading bubble sheet in the market. Most of them are proprietary and requires scanned bubble sheet as input.   In contrast, BT Grader is free and has ability scan and grade pictures of bubble sheet taken by camera and phone.  Of course, scanned sheet is also acceptable.  You does not need pricey special scanner. Just take pictures of answer sheets and receive the report in desired format. The software supports grading of multiple version answer sheets. BT Grader is listed on  download.com one of most popular software download site. Thank you for using BT Grader

 Electric Field

Download Electric Field V2.01

An electric field simulator. It is an excellent tool for visualizing electric field and equipotential lines. Visibility of field line and potential surface depends on their magnitude. You can put unlimited number of charges in the field. Also, it can simulate electric field of charged condenser, charged wire and charged dielectric objects. “Electric Filed” have ability to measure field strength and filed potential. Supports MDI, bitmap exporting, and printing. Here are awards for Electric Field.

Developer: Nasanbat Namsrai

Scientific articles, thesis works and other publications which used Electric Field software:

  • Three-dimensional coating of nanofibers on surfaces of poorly conductive objects
    P McClellan, WJ Landis – Polymer, 2013 – Elsevier
  • Silicon Rice-Straw Array Emitters and Their Superior Electron Field Emission
    HC Wu, HY Tsai, HT Chiu, CY Lee – ACS Applied Materials & …, 2010 – ACS Publications
  • Quadrupolar contact fields: Theory and applications
    CG Gray, G Karl, VA Novikov – American Journal of Physics, 2009 – link.aip.org
  • Parallel Integration of Aligned Carbon Strings in Polymer Matrix: Dielectrophoretic Preparation, Electrical and Electromechanical Characterisation
    MU Sandsaunet – 2012 – diva-portal.org
  • One-dimensional Silicon and Germanium Materials: Fabrications and Their Electron Field Emission Properties 吳弘麒清華大學材料科學工程學系學位論文 ; 2011年 (2011 / 01 / 01) , P1 – 91

  • Effect of in vivo and in vitro exposure to electrostatic field on some hematological parameters in rats
    H Harutyunyan, V Mkrtchyan, K Sukiasyan, Bio Electro Magnetics -2017

    Electric Field listed in many download servers: Google search results

Download from download.com

You can download Electric Field from our server.

Ideal Gas in 3D

You can see ideal gas molecules in 3D if you use “Ideal Gas in 3D”. It can help you to understand molecules motion, Boyle’s law, Charles law and Maxwell distribution.

Developer: Nasanbat Namsrai

 Download from Download.com

You can download Ideal Gas in 3D from our server. – OR download from other sites.

Click here for physics simulation and lab calculator
Click here and get free bubble sheet scanning software with bubble sheet generator.