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Determination of g using mathematical pendulum

1. Hang a small ball on a string. Measure length of the string and record it in the table below. Now, you have a simple pendulum.
2. Swing the pendulum back and forth. The angle between vertical axis and thread should not exceed 10 degree.
3. Record the time (t) pendulum completes N>10 oscillation. Repeat 3 times for same length for better result. The period of the pendulum is $ T = < t >/N$. Here, $ < t > = (t_1 + t_2 + t_3) / 3$ is mean value of the three measurements.
4. If you have single oscillation time record for same length of pendulum, just fill the last three column with the same value.

Pendulum length $$ l (cm) $$
Swing count $$ N $$
Time $$t_1 (second) $$
Time $$t_2 (second) $$
Time $$t_3 (second) $$

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